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Betting Guides

02:00 below the text “TIME” is the match start time & LIVE means there is a LIVE BET for the game. The time zone is GMT+8

Team with the red name is the team with the voor.  The Odds with a red color and (-) means the team with the tax given.

  • Team A 0-0,5 1.020 -vs- Team B -1.090
  • Team A 0.0 -1.610 -vs- Team B 1.440
  • Team A 0.50 1.330 -vs- Team B -1.470

there are 3 kinds of voor which can be chosen. For the red number and (-), you will get the same amount you bet for the game if you win, on the other hand, if you lose, you need to pay more than you bet, because of the khe.


  • 0-0.5 means the voor is 1/4
  • 0.5 means the voor is 1/2
  • 0.5-1 means the voor is 3/4
  • 1-1.5 means the voor is 1 1/4

For HDP(Handicap),O/U(Over/Under) & O/E (Odd/Even), there is khe with a black color or a red color, which means:


Black = if you lose, you need to pay the same amount of your bet, on the other hand, if you win, you will get more than you bet (depends on the odds)

Examples : 1.11o with black color. if you bet $100 and you win, you will get 100 x 1.110 = $111. but if you lose, you pay the same amount which is $100.


Red = if you win, you will get the same amount of your bet, on the other hand, if you lose, you will pay more than you bet (depends on the odds)

Examples : -1.110 with red color. if you bet $100 and you win, you will get $100. but if you lose, you will pay $100 x 1.110 = $111.



Below the HDP column is the voor, which is 0.5-1 in the picture. the team who gives voor is the team with red color. -1.420 means Aston Villa is given -1.420 khe (pay more when you lose) on the other hand, West Ham United gets 1.250 khe (get more when you win).


Example: You want to bet West Ham for $100, you just click the 1.250 and write $100 in the given column, if the result is 2-1, because of the handicap is 0.5-1 you lose only half of your bet.

Calculation : ($100 x 1.420) / 2 = $71


*Note : you win full bet if West Ham win more than 2 goal, such as 3-1.


O/U (Over Under)

Below the O/U column, there are voor which is 2.5-3 in the picture. That means if you bet OVER (O), the result must be higher than 3 goals (4 goals,5 goals,6 goals, etc). If the total goal are 3 goals (3-0, 2-1, etc), and you bet for OVER, you win half of your bet. but if you bet UNDER, the total goal must lower than 3. if the result are 3 goals, then you lose only half  your bet, but if the result are more then 3 goals, you lose full bet.

if the O/U is 3.50:

Result is 3 goals = if you bet UNDER, it means you win, on the other hand, betting OVER means you lose.

Note : khe system is same with HDP.



Odd/Even (Odd/Even), we only choose the total result of the goals, either the total is odd or the total goal is even.

Note : khe system is same with HDP.

1×2 Under 1×2, is odds to choose win, lose or draw. just click the odds to place your bet.

Examples : you pick Aston Villa gonna win, click the black number 1.610, then place your bet in the bet column.

  • 1 = (home) –> means we pick the home team to win
  • x = Draw –> means we pick the draw result
  • 2 = (away) –> means we pick the away team to win

Examples : if the result 3-1 and you bet $100, so(1.610 – 1) x $100 = so you win $61

if the result is draw or away team is winning, you lose $100.



Hall Time / Full Time is betting the first Half Time of the game combine with the result at Full Time.

Below is odds example for HT/FT in premier league:

  • H = Home –>Home Team Win
  • D = Draw –> Result is Draw
  • A = Away –> Away Team Win

If there is HH, it means First Half the Home team is winning, and at the Full Time, the Home team still wins the game, no matter what is the score.

Example of HH : Half Time the score is 1-0, and at Full Time the score still 1-0
Example of HD : Half Time the score is 1-0, but at Full Time the score still 1-1
Example of HD : Half Time the score is 1-0, but at Full Time the score still 1-2

  • DH = Draw, Home
  • DD = Draw, Draw
  • DA = Draw, Away
  • AH = Away, Home
  • AD = Away, Draw
  • AA = Away, Away

For the winning calculation, all odds is subtract with 1 and then times the bet, just like 1×2. Example = HH, odd 1.58 if you win (1.58 – 1) x jumlah bet


Mix Parlay means betting package, with minimal 3 bets. If 1 bet lose, so it counted lose, but if its even it doesnt need to be count. Calculate Parlay : you need A x B x C or the Odds which have been calculated with the number of your bet.

Examples: a package with 2 teams who lose half means those teams have no point and the bet must be divided by 2.

(Lose Half example): A-vs-B FT Score 2-0
pick=A @-1.00/1.770 ( Full Win )

C-vs-D FT 0-1
pick=C @0.75/2.030
( Losing Half, so  2.030 is gone )
Calculation : 2.030 – 1 = 1.030 dibagi 2 = 0.515

E -vs-F FT 0-0
pick= E @-0.25/1.800 ( Losing Half so the point 1.8000 is gone )

G vs-H FT 0-1
pick=H @-0.50/1.890 ( Full Win )


If you bet $100 : 1.7770 x (0.5) x (0.5) x 1.890 x 100 – 100 = -16.37

Package with 2 teams Win Half : Examples : A -vs-B FT Score 2-1
pick=A @-0.75/1.740 ( Half Win )
Calculation: 1.740 – 1 = 0.74 : 2 = 0.37 it becomes 1.37

C-vs-D FT Score 3-1
pick=C @-0.25/1.900

E -vs-F FT Score 1-0
pick=F @1.25/1.930 ( Half Win )

G -vs-H FT Score 1-3
pick = H @0.00/1.880


If you bet $300  [(1.74 – 1 )/ 2) + 1 x 1.9 x [(1.93 – 1 )/ 2 ] + 1 x 1.88 x 300 – 300 = $1,850.75

Note: Your bet also counted as Winning Point, so the profit can be calculated by subtract your bet ( 1.850 – 300 = $1550 ) Correct Score In this bet, we guess the result/score for the Full Time

bet 1:0 means the result score must be 1:0

bet 2:5 means the result score must be 2:5

bet 1 :0 means the result Score must 1:0


Fantasy Games Fantasy Game, just like its name fantasy, its not real game. so the team is not really playing at that time.


Milan VS Inter in Italy League

MU VS Arsenal in Premiere League


The Fantasy Game is MU VS Milan in the same day. this is absolutely impossible, thats why its just a fantasy

so basically Milan VS Inter result is 1-1 and MU VS Arsenal 2-1

it means the result for MU VS Milan fantasy game is 2-1

MU has 2 goals and Milan has 1 goal.


For any further explanation, please contact us

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